Dissertation Overview

Christine Sang
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SAT Dissertation Mind Map on Dissertation Overview, created by Christine Sang on 06/11/2014.

Christine Sang
Created by Christine Sang about 5 years ago
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Dissertation Overview
1 Research Question
1.1 What place does orality have in the digital age?
1.2 How are we now using digital oral/visual (large non-textual) means of communication?
1.3 How are these methods and their purposes similar to orality, specifically in pre-literate Greece?
1.4 What areas do current trends and purposes transcend and fall short of these factors published in primary orality?
1.5 How do conventions and techniques of oral communication operate in digital orality?
2 Outline
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Literature Review
2.2.1 Orality in ancient Greece
2.2.2 Elements of speech
2.2.3 orality and literacy
2.2.4 rhetoric
2.2.5 Purpose of orality today
2.2.6 Digital orality
2.2.7 Technical communication
2.2.8 New media
2.3 Methodology
2.3.1 Qualitative Hollistic Instrinsic Empirical explanatory Orality similar to digital age?
2.3.2 Quantitative Interviews Synchronous - internal UEDG Asynchronous - external Online survey
2.4 Content
2.4.1 Classic Rhetoric Historical overview Canons Isegora Persuasion Aris/Plato etc.
2.4.2 Digital Orality Purpose Uniqueness Style Delivery Moving information Portability
2.4.3 New Media
2.4.4 Digital orality literacy
2.4.5 Social capital
2.4.6 Egalitarianism
2.5 Case Study
2.5.1 Case Background Documentation Tie to live
2.5.2 Creation Process Script Audio recording Audio editing Screen capture Video editing
2.6 Conclusion

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