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Science forces= terms/concepts that help improve our lives.


How does an understanding of each of these terms/concepts help to improve our lives? Created by WM
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Science forces= terms/concepts that help improve our lives.
  1. Force= Having an understanding of force helps improve our lives as we can use various forces in many different ways to make tasks easier. There are multiple types of force, examples are kicking a ball, which creates a force, pushing the ball forward and allowing a game to occur for both fitness and pleasure. The force of pushing an iron forwards and backwards allows us to iron crumpled clothes.
    1. Gravity= we know that gravity does not apply in space so we took this knowledge to make a rocket to travel through space so that men could walk on the moon. Gravity allows us to remain upright on earth and undertake tasks such as walking.
      1. Air resistance= we know that air resistance would slow us down when falling from a height. With this knowledge we know the use of a parachute slows the fall in situations such as when you need to jump out of a plane for skydiving or an emergency during air travel.
        1. Friction=in history we learnt that in historic times homo sapiens used friction to make fire to keep warm and cook there food, this was through the rubbing of two pieces of wood eventually igniting. Other examples of friction are where various soles to shoes have been developed according to the activity. For example hiking shoes have been created with soles that are able to grip the surface utilising the concept of friction.
          1. Electrostatic force= helps us understand what happens when two objects attract each. Such an example is when a balloon attaches to your hair making it stand on end.
            1. Magnetic force= in factories that make objects such as cars they use a strong magnetic to pick up the correct parts that are too heavy for a person to lift. Through this knowledge we have learnt how to make life easier with machines and equipment.
              1. Law of inertia= through knowing this we now know to be careful when being active. A recent invention that applies to this form of force is the restraint of dogs in cars so that when car brakes are applied the dog remains in the designated spot for travelling.
                1. Law of acceleration= allows us to build objects which we had only dreamt about such as the rocket which has enough force to blast into space. New modes of transport are now being released such a hover board, which apply to the law of acceleration.
                  1. Law of action and reaction= helps us know that when you hurt someone with your own body such as through a punch or kick you would also feel some of the reaction pain. This tells you not to be violent. Other examples are through various sports such as jumping on a trampoline or playing tennis where the bounce back allows the sport to continue play.
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