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Theoretical essay-1500wds


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Theoretical essay-1500wds
  1. L/O 1. appraise the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship
    1. The entrpreneurical process
      1. enterprise concepts and contexts
        1. enterprise culture and the enterprising person
          1. enterprise, creativity and innovation
            1. Marcouse book page 252 discuss advanages and dorganisational structure linkedto enterprise cultue
              1. The power culture discussd in relatio to small business pg 251 of Marcouse book.
        2. L/O 2. compare and contrast the different types of forms of enterprise activity
          1. appraise the social and economic problems of entrepreneurship
            1. enterprise allowance- was one of the earliest schemes for funding small businesses-pg253 Capon book
              1. research pros and cons
          2. points to be included in the essay
            1. introduction-


              • introduction- brief definiton of entrepreneurship talk about how this is refer to Briidge book pg 23 enterprise, the concept of entrepreeuship mention how the author says enterprise, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurism are inter changeable and all stem  from the same concept,
              1. compare and contrast narrow and broader view of enterprise refer to Bridge book pg 21-23
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