Individual Pathways Plan (IPP): Creating Pathways to Success

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Individual Pathways Plan Interactive Mind Map

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Individual Pathways Plan (IPP): Creating Pathways to Success
  1. "Individual Pathways Plan" (IPP): Grades 7-12
    1. An IPP is an Individual Pathways Plan.
      1. This documents a students learning, and assists in career/life planning
        1. Provides Structure
        2. A reflection of what students have accomplished, learned, and how they will apply this learning
          1. Helps students plan for Post-Secondary Education and their futures
          2. "All About Me" Portfolio: Kindergarten-Grade 6
            1. Contains evidence of a students learning in education and career/life planning.
              1. Ex. Materials, Information, and Peronsal Reflections
              2. Compiled by the student, with support from the teacher, in a format that is appropriate to the age of the student.
              3. 4 Areas of Learning in Career/Life Planning
                1. Who am I?
                  1. What are my opportunities?
                    1. Who do I want to become?
                      1. What is my plan for achieving my goals?
                      2. Who Am I?
                        1. Interests, strengths, intelligences, accomplishments, values, and skills
                          1. identify factors that shape who they are and who they will become over time
                            1. Reflect on how these factors effect their thoughts and actions
                            2. What are my opportunities?
                              1. Explore the concept of opportunity
                                1. Recreational, social, leadership, volunteer, part-time employment
                                2. Explore a variety of fields of work, occupations, and careers, and develop awareness of local and global trends
                                  1. Investigate the preparation needed for school based, and community oppportunities
                                  2. What do I want to become?
                                    1. Identify the rewards, demands, and other features of the explored opportunities
                                      1. Reflect on these and relate them to our personal characteristics
                                      2. Determine personal and interpersonal goals as well as education and career/life goals
                                        1. Review and revise these goals in light of changes to a person over the years
                                        2. What is my plan for achieving my goals?
                                          1. Identify potential obstacles and challenges they may encounter as well as possible solutions to these problems
                                            1. Identify the resources required to implement their plan
                                              1. Create a plan that identifies in detail the steps required to achieve the goals they have set
                                              2. Creating Pathways Overall Goal
                                                1. Founded on a vision in which all secondary students leave secondary education with a clear clan for their post secondary education
                                                  1. Ensure Students make informed decisions about their career/life choces, provide opportunities for this learning, and engage parents and community in the program
                                                    1. A Belief that all students can be successful, that success comes in many forms, and that there are many pathways to success.
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