Defining my Audience

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Deciding who my audience is!

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Defining my Audience
1 One kind of audience who i would expecting this film to target would be young people, more specifically, women. This links in with my genre research and the textual analysis; and why Romance films typically appeal more to women than men
1.1 The age group I would expect this to appeal to most would be 15- 30 year olds. This can't be aimed at people too young because of the themes of underage pregnancy as people might see this as provocative (that its okay) to get pregnant at such a young age. However, due to the cast being so young, it wouldn't be aimed at people of a really old age as it most likely will not appeal to them due ti the types of themes and thier generation.
1.2 Who do I think my audience are?
2 How could this appeal to a broader audience?
2.1 This could appeal more to men as long as the first 2 minutes of the film contain things which catch their attention that entertain them. A male's, most likely, does not have a gratification from the romance side of a romance movie. This is why a lot of film writers incorporate humour into their films to make it more appealing to a broader audience.
2.1.1 As for an older audience, by incorporating older characters. e.g. their parents, maybe they would be able to find it more relatable of someone of a more mature views and from a different generation to show their "ways" and morals. For example, an older person, especially a parent, is going to disagree and highly about an underage pregnancy. People/ characters from religious backgrounds could also be incorporated into the film to show the different views on underage pregnancy as well as abortion
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