The Periodic Table

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Chemistry Chapter Six- The Periodic Table

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The Periodic Table
  1. Know 6 Groups
    1. Alkali (means basic) Metals; Alkaline Earth Metals; Transition elements (D block elements); Halogens, Noble Gases
      1. Transition metals are not just in the "D" block; They "bleed" over
        1. Noble Gases are called noble because they don't do anything like royalty
      2. Period Vs. Group
        1. Groups go vertically and elements in the same group have similar properties
          1. Periods go horizontally; the period indicates the energy level of the valence electrons
          2. Atomic Size
            1. Across Periods you are adding a proton and an a electron to the elements which adds attraction to the nucleus and "pulls" the element in closer making the radius smaller
              1. Down a group, the atomic radii gets larger because an energy level is being added to the atoms as they go down
              2. Ionization Energy
                1. Definition: energy required to pull away an electron (to make an ion)
                  1. Lowest: Fr
                    1. Highest: F
                    2. Electronegativity
                      1. Definition: the relative ability of an element's atoms to attract electrons in a chemical bond
                        1. Octet Rule: atoms gain, lose, or share elctrons to aquire a full set of 8 valence electrons
                          1. An electron's Group # (1-8) indicates the number of valence electrons
                          2. Scientists that Contributed to the Periodic Table
                            1. Henry Mosely
                              1. Dmitri Mendeleev
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