Group 1 - Alkali metals

Simone Matthews
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Simone Matthews
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a mind map of properties of group 1 on the periodic table

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Group 1 - Alkali metals
  1. Low density
    1. Float in water
    2. React with other non-metals
      1. Form ionic compounds
        1. Has 1 electron in outershell
          1. Needs to lose one electron
            1. Ion has +1 charge
      2. React with water
        1. Release hydrogen
          1. e.g. Lithium + water -> Hydrogen + lithium Oxide
          2. Form hydroxides
            1. Hydroxides dissolve in water
              1. Give alkali solution
                1. OH- (Hydroxide) ions cause the solution to be alkali
            2. Further down the group you go
              1. The more reactive the element
                1. Bigger atom = electron is further from nucleus
                  1. electrostatic forces between the nucleus and last electron are weaker
                    1. shells create a shielding effect, reduces the positivity of the nucleus = more reactive
                      1. So outer shell more easily lost
                2. The lower the melting/boiling point
                3. All soft
                  1. You can cut them with a knife
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