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Лина Казимко
Mind Map by Лина Казимко, updated more than 1 year ago
Лина Казимко
Created by Лина Казимко about 6 years ago


I Like books, music, animal, rainbow and experiment. I don't like kiwi, pink coiour, studing and pop music.....

Resource summary

  1. Like
    1. Books
      1. detectives
        1. novels
          1. fantastic
          2. Rainbow
            1. Experiment
              1. Music
                1. classical
                  1. rok
                  2. Animals
                    1. Japan and Italy
                      1. Eat
                        1. orange juice
                          1. pizza
                            1. sushi
                              1. ice cream
                            2. Dont like
                              1. studing
                                1. kiwi
                                  1. pink colour
                                    1. pop music
                                    2. Study
                                      1. Science and Mathematic Lyceum
                                      2. Hobby
                                        1. play piano
                                          1. draw
                                            1. sing
                                              1. photography
                                              2. Born in Ukraine
                                                1. native town is Smila
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