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Grade 10 Civics Project

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1 Government
1.1 Types of Government
1.1.1 Monarchy A king or a Queen Rules the country Australia is an example of a monarchy Leadership is inherited through family lines The Oldest child is often the next monarch
1.1.2 Dictatorship One leader Rules all North Korea is an example of a Dictatorship Different types of Dictatorship Fascism Communism
1.1.3 Democracy consists of 2 or more parties Free frequent Elections Consists of elected representatives Free Press, Media Equal Rights and Freedom Sweden is an example of a Democracy
1.2 Levels of government in Canada
1.2.1 Municipal Responsibility Transportation Recreation Library
1.2.2 provincial Responcibility Education Infastructure Energy
1.2.3 Federal Responsibility National security Fisheries and oceans Insurence RCMP/Military foreign Relations
2 Economic Systems
2.1 Socialism
2.1.1 No Monarch or Dictator
2.1.2 Everyone is Eaqual
2.1.3 Wealth is shared among everyone
2.1.4 No Rich or Poor
2.2 Capitalism
2.2.1 Free Market Echonomy
2.2.2 Private Ownership
2.2.3 Little Government Intervention
2.2.4 Maximise Profit and Reduce cost
3 Canadian Voting rights and systems
3.1 Voting
3.1.1 Voting Systems First Past the Post A community votes for one Representative its Fast and easy Only 1 Elected party member can get a seat in Parlement Winner takes all Proportional representaion A party gets certain amount of seats according voter turn out If a party gets 20% votes, they get 20% seats in parliament
3.2 Voting rights/regulations
3.2.1 Every Citizen has the right to vote
3.2.2 over the age of 18
3.2.3 Cant be a criminal
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