Documentation Project

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Overview of issues faced

Resource summary

Documentation Project
  1. Types
    1. On-Line Documentation
      1. Side-Frame Help
        1. How To's
          1. Videos
            1. Webinars
              1. Training Videos
              2. Enhancement Documentation
                1. Configuration and Setup
                  1. Marketing Materials
                    1. Tax Information
                      1. Year End Documentation
                        1. Release Documentation
                          1. Manuals and Publications
                          2. Distribution Methods
                            1. Client Area
                              1. COINS Product
                                1. Email
                                  1. Remedy Force?
                                  2. Authors
                                    1. Documentation Team
                                      1. Learning Resorces Team
                                        1. Subject Matter Experts
                                          1. Development Team
                                            1. Support Team
                                            2. Issues
                                              1. No Single Point of Access
                                                1. No ability to search ALL Resources
                                                  1. Presentation inconsistent
                                                    1. No Document Control
                                                      1. Duplication of information
                                                        1. Limited ability to produce information in different formats without duplication
                                                          1. Time-consuming to update all resources for version changes etc
                                                            1. No single document creation method
                                                              1. Camtasia
                                                                1. Articulate
                                                                  1. Word
                                                                    1. HTML
                                                                      1. Powerpoint
                                                                      2. Limited Document Review Processes
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