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Elements of a Model


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Rilee Gorman
Mind Map by Rilee Gorman, updated more than 1 year ago
Rilee Gorman
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Elements of a Model
  1. Characters
    1. Sam
      1. Sam is 17. He lives pretty tough, He has full custoty of his 11-month year old son
      2. Max
        1. The son of Sam, 11-month old
        2. Brittany
          1. Brittany is Max's mom and Sams ex-girlfriend. She lives in L.A, away from Max and Sam
        3. Main Conflict
          1. Sam is really stressed out from school, taking care of max, and he has lost touch of his best friend Andy
          2. Setting
            1. Modern time, story doesn't say exactly but in America
            2. Theme
              1. Make sure of the decisions you make and the consequences
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