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Race & Ethnicity


210 Sociology Mind Map on Race & Ethnicity, created by Rachel Osborne on 11/06/2015.
Rachel Osborne
Mind Map by Rachel Osborne, updated more than 1 year ago
Rachel Osborne
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Race & Ethnicity
  1. Social Meaning
    1. Race = Category composed of people who share some biologically transmitted traits that members of a society consider important
      1. Race is socially constructed
        1. No biologically pure race
          1. Racial types are misleading
        2. Ethnicity = shared cultural heritage
          1. More variability than race
            1. Most people identify with more than one ethnicity
            2. Minority = category distinguished by physical or cultural traits who are socially disadvantaged
              1. Share distinctive identity
                1. Occupy a subordinate status
              2. Prejudice & Stereotypes
                1. Prejudice = rigid & irrational generalization about a category of people
                  1. Prejudgements
                    1. May be positive or negative
                    2. Stereotype = exaggerated descriptions applied to every person in some category
                      1. Social distance is how closely people are willing to interact with certain categories of people
                        1. Emory Bogardus developed the 7-point social distance scale
                          1. Trend toward greater acceptance
                            1. People see less difference in minorities
                          2. Racism = belief that one racial category is innately superior or inferior to another
                            1. Theories of prejudice
                              1. Scapegoat theory from frustrations held by disadvantaged people
                                1. Scapegoat = people with little power whom people blame for their troubles
                                2. Authoritarian prejudice views prejudice as a personality trait
                                  1. Conflict theory states that people use prejudice to justify oppression
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