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The Hired Girl


Story Elements
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The Hired Girl
  1. Main Conflict
    1. Joan has a horrible life at her farm after her mother dies, so she runs away to work as a hired girl for a Jewish family. She struggles to find her place in society, become educated, and become a true Christian in her new life.
      1. Why? Joan falls in love with her master's son. This causes her to lose some of her faith, and she is criticized because she is only the hired girl.
      2. Setting
        1. Time: Summer of 1911
          1. Place/Location: The story begins at Joan's father's Pennsylvania farm. But for most of the story, Joan is in Baltimore, Maryland, at the Rosenbach's house where she works as a hired girl.
          2. Characters
            1. Joan
              1. Daring, Bold
                1. The main character; the book is written from her perspective
              2. Mrs. Rosenbach
                1. Clever, Firm
                  1. Gives Joan a hard time
                2. Malka
                  1. Picky, Stingy
                    1. The elderly woman who also works for the Rosanbachs; at first she does't like Joan but in the end, she comes to appreciate her
                  2. Mr. Rosenbach
                    1. Forgiving, Smart
                      1. Lends Joan books so she can educate herself
                    2. Solomon Rosenbach
                      1. Sweet, Charming
                        1. Finds Joan sleeping in the park and get her a working position at the Rosenbach household
                      2. David Rosenbach
                        1. Handsome, Artistic
                          1. Joan falls in love with David (they actually kiss!) Joan is head over heels in love with him while David does't really care about her at all
                        2. Mimi Rosenbach
                          1. Spoiled, Proud
                            1. Joan's first friend
                          2. Anna (Rosenbach) Freidhoff
                            1. Thoughtful, Considerate
                              1. Allows Joan to help her with her two children, Irma and Oskar
                            2. Miss Chandler
                              1. Loving, Selfless
                                1. Joan's first teacher in Pennsylvania until her father withdraws her from school and burns her books!
                            3. Theme
                              1. The theme is brought out in the book when Joan's hard work pays of and her goal of going to school comes true.
                                1. The theme is that even when the odds are against you, there is still hope if you have ambitious goals and try your hardest.
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