Cycles of Matter

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Cycles of Matter
  1. Carbon Cycle
    1. Plants take in carbon dioxide and use carbon to make sugar molecules.
      1. Oxygen Cycle
        1. Plants produce oxygen, which is then taken by animals
          1. Animals and plants break down sugars and release carbon dioxide
            1. When organisms die, decomposers return carbon compounds to the soil and release carbon dioxide to the air.
              1. Carbon compouds are taken by plants.
                1. Some human activities release carbon compounds into the air
    2. Nitrogen Cycle
      1. Bacteria in root nodules fix free nitrogen into simple compounds
        1. Plants use simple nitrogen compounds to make proteins and other complex compounds
          1. Consumers eat nitrogen compounds in plants
            1. Then, consumers die and decomposers return simple nitrogen compounds to the soil.
              1. Soil bacteria release some free nitrogen into the air
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