The Reconstruction

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Rebuilding the South The Fight Over the Reconstruction Reconstruction in the South

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The Reconstruction
1 Rebuilding the South
1.1 Abraham Lincoln
1.1.1 "With malice towards none, with charity towards all, let us strive on to finish the work we are in." With cruelty to no one, with kindness to all, let us work hard and move forwards to unite the nation and finish the Reconstruction.
1.1.2 Ten Percent Plan Amnesty Official pardon Swear oath of loyalty to US Louisiana
1.1.3 Assassination Ford's Theater, Washington D.C. "Our American Cousin" John Wilkes Booth Sneaked into President's box and shot in head
1.2 Wade-Davis Bill
1.2.1 Republican Congressmen thought 10% Plan did not go far enough
1.2.2 Majority Difficult Take loyalty oath
1.2.3 Rejected by Lincoln
1.3 Freedmen's Bureau
1.3.1 Heldped all southern people Job training Education Direct handouts Direct aid given with no debt
1.4 Andrew Johnson
1.4.1 17th President
1.4.2 Johnson's Plan Similar to Lincoln Presidential pardon Wealthy southerners and former Confederate officials
1.4.3 Congress wanted him to be tougher than Lincoln
1.4.4 Self-righteous, hot tempered, crude, potty-mouth
2 The Fight Over the Reconstruction
2.1 Black Codes
2.1.1 Jim Crow Laws
2.1.2 Limited freedom Sign work contracts Like slavery If could not prove employment then was arrested No guns No renting property except in cities
2.2 Radical Republicans
2.2.1 Federal government should force change in South Johnson did not go far enough
2.2.2 Influential in Congress
2.3 Freedman's Bureau Bill
2.3.1 Gave Freedmen's Bureau power to use military courts to try people accused of violating blacks' rights
2.3.2 Johnson vetoed Congress cannot pass laws without southern representation Blacks need no assistance
2.4 Civil Rights Act of 1866
2.4.1 Provided blacks with same rights as whites
2.4.2 Johnson vetoed Rejected principle of equality Race riots Johnson's Ammunition Overriden
2.5 Congressional Election of 1866
2.5.1 Black civil rights were key issue
2.5.2 Gave Republicans commanding 2/3 of party Could override vetos
2.6 Reconstruction Acts
2.6.1 Divided South into 5 military districts
2.6.2 Had to rejoin Rewrite 14th amendment supporting state constitution Voting rights for blacks
2.6.3 Johnson disagreed
2.7 Election of 1868
2.7.1 Democrat Horatio Seymour
2.7.2 Republican Ulysses S. Grant Won
2.8 Impeachment Trial
2.8.1 Congress passed law limiting Johnson's power to remove cabinet officials without Senate approval Johnson broke law by firing Secretary of War Edwin Stanton
2.8.2 Impeachment Process by which public official is charged of wrongdoing by legislative body
2.8.3 By single vote Senate failed to impeach Johnson Still reduced power as president
3 Reconstruction in the South
4 The Amendments
4.1 Thirteenth Amendment
4.1.1 Emancipation Proclamation Only freed slaves in south Hypocritical
4.1.2 Slavery illegal in US
4.2 Fourteenth Amerndment
4.2.1 All people born in US are US citizens
4.2.2 All citizens get equal protection of laws
4.3 Fifteenth Amendment
4.3.1 Voting rights for blacks
4.3.2 Women angry because did not give them voting rights
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