Carte Mentale

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Description d'une carte mentale en anglais avec identité j'aimes ou je n'aimes pas description de l'école passe temps favoris nom de l' école prénom l'alimentation sports musique as t-ondes frères et sœurs

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Carte Mentale
1 what's your name
2 How old are you
3 When were you born
4 Have you got brothers and sisters
5 Likes/Disklikes
6 Identity
7 What's you favorite hobbie
8 How often do you practice it
9 What do you like doing
10 What don't do you like doing
11 what meat;fish;pizza;fruit;cakes;chocolate and sweets do you likes
12 Do you like dnacing;drawing;singing ;reading ;playing games ;playing sports ;listening to music ; doing northing and working
13 What music;sports;films and books do you enjoy
14 school
15 How long have you been learning English
15.1 What school subjects do you like
16 What is your school name
16.1 How many students are there
17 What time do classes starts/end
18 Have you ever been to France
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