School Readiness in Norway

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School readiness in Norway

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School Readiness in Norway
  1. There are no grades in primary school but in lower secondary school children get grades from 6 to 1 (6 is best) at the age of 13-16 years old.
    1. A bar chart showing Norway results
    2. Norway day-care centers provide parenting group, in which they advice parents to support their children at home by providing language-rich environment and positive parent–child interactions as it support thier child for school readiness.
      1. Children in Norway start formal education at the age of 6.
        1. Regarding to Norwegian day-care center supports children to be prepared for formal school education, within the setting children are helped to develop self-regulatory, cognitive abilities, social and emotional skills and also to be able to build positive relationships with teachers and peers in order for them to achieve and adjust in school.
          1. Norwegian follow the National Curriculum and Mandatory Framework (Regulation to the Kindergarten Act). This framework is use in every early years providers (0-5). Children’s development or learning are addressed in seven learning areas that must be included in the daily routine: 1. Communication, language and text 2. Body, movement and health 3. Art, culture and creativity 4. Nature, environment and technology 5. Ethics, religion and philosophy 6. Local community and society 7. Numbers, spaces and shapes
            1. Link to Norway curricula framework:
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