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Characteristics of Living Things - MRSGREN


Characteristics of living organisms for science using the acronym MRSGREN.
Monique Govind
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Monique Govind
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Characteristics of Living Things - MRSGREN
  1. Movement
    1. The ability to move in response to the environment or surrounding.
    2. Respiration
      1. Able to get energy from glucose produced by its cells thought the process of respiration.
      2. Sensitivity
        1. Able to detect and respond to changes in its environment.
        2. Growth
          1. Is able to increase in size or become a more advanced version of itself by cell division. Also includes life cycles.
          2. Reproduction
            1. Can produce new offspring similar to the parents.
            2. Excretion
              1. Can dispose of poisonous waste from its interior.
              2. Nutrition
                1. Able to produce its own food or get food by eating other for energy.
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