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School Readiness in New Zealand


school readiness in new zealand
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School Readiness in New Zealand
  1. What age should children attend Pre-School?
    1. For many years now, children have been entering the school system in New Zealand at age five. They do so, one at a time, as they become 5 years of age (rather than in groups at a specific time).
      1. Most parents (80%), preschool teachers, and new-entry teachers felt that age 5 was the most appropriate age for entrance into school, although various individuals thought that there should be some flexibility in the age of entrance.
      2. Schooling
        1. Early Childhood 2-4 years
          1. Early Childhood is for children aged up to five years old and includes playgroups, play centres, home-based care, and kindergartens.
          2. Primary School 5-10 years
            1. Primary schools provide children aged five to ten years old with a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy. They learn seven core subjects, English, mathematics and statistics, science, technology, social studies, arts, and health and physical education. In the final two years children learn an additional language.
          3. In New Zealand, it is compulsory for children to be at school from ages 6 to 16, although the majority of children attend from age 5. There were 2,581 schools with 760,859 children attending, as at 1 July 2009.
            1. Curriculum?
              1. At primary school, what pupils study is guided by the ‘National Curriculum’.
                1. New Zealand’s National Curriculum for primary schools set out a plan of study that is ‘broad and balanced’ while also providing a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy.
                  1. Pupils are regularly assessed against expectations for their age level as set out by the National Standards.
                  2. From the OECD report, New Zealand are ranked 23 out of 65 with a mean score of 500 in their performance in Mathematics.
                    1. New Zealand were also ranked 13th out of 65 in reading with a mean score of 512.
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