The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby
  1. Characters
    1. Gatsby
      1. He is in love with Daisy.
        1. Gatsby is a mystery. No one knows him that well. He does not go to his own party. No one even knows his real name. everyone calls him after his last name, because he was in the army.
        2. Gatsby is really rich
          1. Gatsby dies by Mr. Wilson shooting him in the pool after Gatsby hits Mr. Wilson's Wife with his car
            1. Was in the War
              1. The person who help Gatsby become a man: Meyer Wolfshiem
                1. His legal name is James Gatz
                  1. Gatsby only throws party to hope that Daisy' will go
                    1. Gatsby looks at a green light every night because he knows the light is coming from Daisy's house
                      1. Gatsby got his money from Gangster and commititng
                      2. Daisy
                        1. Daisy is in love with Gatsby, even though she is married
                          1. Daisy is the dumb one of the group
                            1. Daisy'shusband is Tom
                              1. Daisy's second cousin is Nick
                              2. Nick
                                1. Nick is poor
                                  1. Was in the War
                                    1. Nick's second cousin is Daisy
                                    2. Tom
                                      1. Tom is really rich too
                                        1. Tom gets really mad at Daisy because she is in love with Gatsby
                                          1. Is in love with Myrtle
                                        2. Setting
                                          1. Location: East Egg/New York
                                            1. Time: 1920's
                                            2. Conflict
                                              1. Conflict: Gatsby finds out that Nick's second cousin is Daisy his dying love, but she is married to a rich man named Tom. The only reason Daisy didn't marry Gatsby was because at that time he was poor. When Tom finds out that Daisy loves and hangouts with Gatsby everyday. It creates a love triangles
                                                1. Cause: Gatsby loves Daisy and does not want to be with Tom because he is Hulking as Daisy would say.
                                              2. Theme
                                                1. Just because you have grief it doesn't mean that you need to hurt someone back
                                                  1. Don't be mean to people who have never hurt your feeling
                                                    1. Money
                                                      1. Love
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