English Literature AQA B- Characters

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As Level English Literature Characters

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English Literature AQA B- Characters
1 The Great Gatsby
1.1 Class differences Of Old money, new money and no money
1.1.1 Tom and Daisy (old)
1.1.2 Gatsby and Nick (new)
1.1.3 Wilson and Myrtle (none)
1.1.4 Difference of settings for parties
1.1.5 Different voices
2 Rossetti
2.1 Maude Clare
2.1.1 Tom
2.1.2 Nell
2.1.3 Mother
2.1.4 Maude
2.1.5 Women are defiant and go against society expectations
2.1.6 Loitering of characters
2.1.7 Voice Characteristics of each character
3 Browning
3.1 The pied piper of Hamelin
3.1.1 Mayor Fat and dumb judged a lot by townspeople
3.1.2 Piper Mocked because he looks like jester (red and yellow)
3.1.3 The lame child
3.1.4 Rat
3.1.5 contrast
3.1.6 similarities
4 The Kite runner
4.1 Baba
4.2 Rahim Khan
4.3 difference in Fatherly figures
4.4 Soroya
4.5 Hassan
4.5.1 Sohrab
4.6 Amir
4.7 Relationship between families
4.8 Assef
4.9 Protagonist and antagonist
4.10 Secrets within characters
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