Nervous System

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Nervous System
1 Central Nervous System
1.1 Strucure
1.1.1 Spinal Chord (Controls Reflexes)
1.1.2 Brain Occipital Lobe Temporal Frontal Parietal
2 Peripheral Nervous System
2.1 Physical Structure
2.1.1 Nerves
2.1.2 Supporting Cells
2.2 Divisions
2.2.1 Sensory Division
2.2.2 Motor Division Somatic Nervous System Voluntary Control Reflex Arc Includes Sensory Receptor Sensory Neuron Motor Neuron Interneuron Effector Autonomic Nervous System Involuntary Control Sympathetic Nervous System Intense Activity Parasympathetic Nervous System Lowers Activity
3 Neurons
3.1.1 structure Dendrites Nucleous Cell Body Axon Axon Terminals Myelin Sheath Synaptic Cleft Drugs Heroin Opiate Dopamine Lsd Serotonin Marijuana Anandamite Dopamine Cocaine B Transporters Dopamine Alcohol Gaba Glutamate Metaphetamine Dopamine Reverse Ecstasy Serotonin Reverse
3.2 Types
3.2.1 Sensory From PNS to CNS Receptors Senses Touch Temperature Pain Touch Smell Taste Buds Hearing Ear Cochlea Balance Semicircular Canals Taste Taste Buds Vision Cornea Iris Pupil Lens Retina Cones Rods
3.2.2 Motor From CNS to PNS
3.2.3 Interneurons Process Information From Sensory to Motor or other Interneurons
4 Nerve Impulse
4.1 Resting Potential
4.2 Action Potential
4.2.1 Starts with a Threshold Transfered Through Synapse Releasing Neurotransmitters
4.2.2 Ions Potassium (-) Sodium (+)
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