Online Shoppping

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Online Shoppping
1 Advantages
1.1 Availability
1.1.1 You can shop all day every day - online stores always open
1.2 Selection available
1.2.1 Greater choice online
1.2.2 No restrictions on where you can shop - not only in local area
1.3 Compare Prices
1.3.1 Easily find best price with price comparisons websites - search lots of sellers
1.4 Convenience
1.4.1 Some people find it physically difficult to travel to shops - being able to buy direct from home is advantageous
2 Disadvantages
2.1 Delivery
2.1.1 Every item has to be delivered regardless of size - delivery charges can be more than the item itself
2.2 Try before buying
2.2.1 You can't see the products except for photos - difficult with clothing, if they don't fit expensive to return
2.3 Viewing on-screen
2.3.1 Online images can give a different impression of the item Leads to disappointment
2.4 Payment method
2.4.1 You can only pay by credit/debit card Can be dangerous to enter personal details online
2.5 Digital Access
2.5.1 Not everyone has access to the internet or skills needed to shop online
3 Is it a trustworthy website?
3.1 Does it have a secure/encrypted web address - https?
3.2 Is there a padlock icon on the address bar?
3.3 Is it owned by a well-known company or organisation?
3.4 Does it have a postal address and phone number?
3.5 Be suspicious if
3.5.1 Offers seem to good to be true
3.5.2 Asked for unnecessary personal information
3.5.3 Asked to provide a credit card number with no proof transaction was secure
4 Online consumer rights
4.1 7-day cooling-off period
4.1.1 Can cancel online transaction at any time in the first 7 days without a reason
5 Internet forms to set up an online account
5.1 Required fields
5.1.1 Always have an * next to them, can't continue without filling them in
5.2 Combo boxes
5.2.1 Fields can have drop down or combo boxes Makes it quicker for user to enter data Words can't be misspelt and only valid data can be entered Form of validation
5.3 Verification
5.3.1 Some fields require you to enter information twice Method of verification - if they don't match then can't proceed
5.4 Secret answers
5.4.1 Often when setting account asking to supply a secret answer Eg. what is your mothers maiden name? Verification
5.5 Captcha tests
5.5.1 Test to prevent automated software from filling in the software, and to protect systems from email spam

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