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infant development
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  1. 7-9 months
    1. Sits and reaches for toys without falling
      1. Tries to lean forward, reach toys and throw items
        1. Turns several pages of chunky board book
          1. Focuses on objects near and far
            1. Recognizes their name & responds
              1. 3 Websites with more great information about infant development along with one video (bottom link)
                  2. In high chair holds & drinks bottle
                    1. Begins junior & table food
                      1. Shows reaction to new smells & taste
                  3. Bounces up & down, rocks back & forth
                  4. Starts to crawl and pull to stand
                    1. Shows more control while rolling, sitting & scooting
                  5. Examples of Motor, Sensory, Feeding & Communication Milestones
                  6. Newborn 0-3 months
                    1. Examples of Motor, Sensory, Feeding & Communication Milestones
                      1. Lifts & holds head while lying on tummy
                        1. Moves arms and legs off of surface when excited
                        2. Brings hand to mouth
                          1. Attempts to reach for toys while lying on back
                            1. Calmed with rocking, touching or gentle sounds
                              1. Enjoys a variety of movements
                                1. Makes eye contact
                                  1. Turns head toward nipple or bottle
                                    1. Sucks and swallows well during feedings
                                      1. Drinks 2-6 oz of liquid per feeding
                                2. 4-6 months
                                  1. Examples of Motor, Sensory, Feeding & Communication Milestones
                                    1. Uses hands to support self while sitting
                                      1. Rolls from back to tummy and tummy to back
                                        1. Uses both hands to explore toys
                                          1. Transfers toys from one hand to another while lying on back
                                            1. Fears loud or unexpected noises
                                              1. Imitates sounds or facial expressions
                                                1. Shows interest in food
                                                  1. Begins to eat cereal and pureed food
                                            2. Generally happy when not hungry or tired
                                              1. Makes different sounds to express feelings
                                        2. 10-12 months
                                          1. Examples of Motor, Sensory, Feeding & communication Milestones
                                            1. Pulls to stand & cruises along furniture
                                              1. Stands alone & takes several independent steps
                                                1. Looks around while body is in motion
                                                2. Enjoys listening to music
                                                  1. Enjoys different textures; food, blanket, mud, paint etc.
                                                    1. Crawls to or away from object far or near
                                                      1. Meaningfully uses "Mama" or "Dada
                                                        1. Understands up to 50 words
                                                          1. Notices when hurt
                                                            1. Begins to use open cup
                                                              1. May be ready to self feed
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