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Sociology Project

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Status Project
  1. Class Participation
    1. Complete Assignments On Time
      1. Perform Well On Tests
      2. Show up to class
        1. Get To Class On Time
          1. Get Required Amount Of Sleep
            1. Get Good Grades
              1. Make Honor Roll
                1. Look At Colleges
                  1. Apply To Colleges
                    1. Take Notes On Lessons
                      1. Listen To The Teacher
        2. Listen To Peers
          1. Obey The Rules
          2. Dress Appropriately
            1. Get Your Required Amount Of Sleep
              1. Pay Class Dues
                1. Get 40 Hours Of Community Service
                  1. Get Extra Help If Needed
                    1. Stay Healthy
                      1. Participate In Extracurricular Activities
                        1. Contact Teachers With Question
                          1. Check Infinite Campus
                            1. Stay Organized
                              1. Maintain Hygiene
            2. ATHLETE
              1. Perform Well In Games
                1. Show Up To Practice
                  1. Be Coachable
                    1. Stay Healthy
                      1. Dress Appropriately
                        1. Get Good Grades
                          1. Listen To The Coach
                          2. Obey The Rules
                            1. Put In Extra Work
                              1. Have Propper Eqipment
                                1. Always Bring Equipment
                                  1. Be Prepared For Changes
                                    1. Have A Good Attitude
                                      1. Have A Routine
                                        1. Develop Self-Discipline
                                          1. Be A Role Model
                                            1. Support Your Teammates
                                              1. Represent Your School In A Good Way
                                                1. Demonstrate Good Sportsmanship
                                                  1. Never Give Up
                                                    1. Try Your Best At All Times
                                                      1. Be A Team Player
                                                        1. Stay Hydrated
                                                          1. Get Your Required Amount Of Sleep
                          3. Stay Healthy
                            1. Maintain Hygiene
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