Getting Socks

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the time I went to get my dog Socks

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Getting Socks
1 Feelings
1.1 nervous
1.2 excited
1.3 uncertain
1.4 awaiting
2 before
2.1 searched online
2.2 went to DierksFund
2.2.1 came and inspected
2.2.2 we got rejected
2.3 took down fence
3 The Day of
3.1 traveled to Lone Dell MO
3.2 night of Trunk or Treat
3.3 late afternoon
3.4 used cat carrier
3.5 did not know if we would get her
3.6 October 23, 2009
4 Socks
4.1 mix breed
4.1.1 golden doodle (mother)
4.2 10 Weeks old
5 name
5.1 brother wanted Oreo
5.2 Dad wanted Gina
5.3 decided on Socks
5.3.1 on car ride home
6 Impact on Life
6.1 reliezed how much work is caring for something
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