Initial Ideas

Hannah Halliday
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Hannah Halliday
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These are my initial ideas for my production of a music magazine.

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Initial Ideas
  1. Genres of Music Magazines
    1. Pop
      1. R&B
        1. Rock
          1. Classical
            1. Hip Hop
            2. What do I want to do?
              1. I want to create a magazine that will attract the attention of a wide variety of target audiences.
                1. How?
                  1. I will research more into Q Magazine because they attract a wide range of audiences by having many different kinds of genres in it that a different range of people will like.
                2. I will take original images for my front cover, contents page and double page spread of the things that are going to relate to my magazine.
                  1. E.G. for the front cover, I want to have a woman pop singer on the front so I will use my friend because she has a good wardrobe that can resemble ta pop singer and I can use mis en scene to make her look like someone who could be famous. I can do her make-up to make her look glamorous.
                    1. For the contents page, I am going to take images that represent different genres that I will represent throughout my magazine. I may use mis en scene to represent a rock band by placing them in front of lots instruments such as electric guitars, drums etc and I can dress them how I think a rock band would look like eg black clothing and face paint on their faces.
                  2. Magazine conventions
                    1. Front Cover
                      1. Masthead
                        1. Barcode
                          1. Cover Lines
                            1. Main Image
                              1. Magazine Logo
                                1. Headline
                                  1. Kicker
                                  2. Contents Page
                                    1. Page Numbers
                                      1. Original Images
                                        1. Cover Lines
                                          1. Title: CONTENTS
                                            1. Magazine Logo
                                            2. Double Page Spread
                                              1. Original Images
                                                1. One main image or lots of small ones?
                                                2. Columns
                                                  1. Headline/Title
                                                    1. Page Number
                                                      1. Gutters
                                                        1. Pull quotes?
                                                          1. Caption
                                                            1. Sub heading
                                                              1. Drop capital
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