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Innovative Opportunities Mind Map


Mind map including Group experience, Personal Experience and thoughts regarding the subject.
Mind Map by josephxuereb19, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by josephxuereb19 over 6 years ago

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Innovative Opportunities Mind Map
  1. The Observation
    1. What I've learnt
      1. New Insight to what people go through
        1. New ways how to approach people for interviews
          1. New ways to as certain person questions
          2. Changes
            1. More respondents from different places
              1. Be more prepared
                1. Ask to video the interview
                  1. Better questions
                  2. How I felt
                    1. Surprised that all respondents were friendly
                      1. Happy that all respondents answered honestly without hesitantion
                        1. Sorry for them when they got emotional
                      2. The Subject
                        1. What I liked
                          1. Fresh Subject not based on theory
                            1. chance to work in a team
                              1. Lecturer really down to Earth and supportive
                              2. What I didn't like
                                1. Classes were long
                                  1. Some people from other groups took it for granted
                                  2. Changes
                                    1. Individual Projects
                                      1. creation of a good questionnaire
                                    2. The Group Experience
                                      1. Members
                                        1. Feelings
                                          1. Begining of group work
                                            1. Frustrated
                                              1. Not seeing eye to eye
                                                1. Wanted to change groups
                                                  1. Felt like some were being lazy
                                                  2. At the end Of group work
                                                    1. Comfortable working with everyone
                                                      1. Feeling content of final perfomance
                                                        1. Complete different opinion of everyone
                                                          1. Surprised of how hardworking everyone was
                                                        2. Group Members
                                                          1. AnnSophie
                                                            1. Amazing communication and presentation skills
                                                            2. Marica
                                                              1. Team Leader skills, idea generator, great team player
                                                              2. Sara
                                                                1. Great Team player and contributor
                                                                2. Paul
                                                                  1. Impressive team player and communication skills
                                                                  2. Lucas
                                                                    1. Good team player, well organized
                                                                3. Stenghts
                                                                  1. Hard working & Want to achieve the best
                                                                  2. Weaknesses
                                                                    1. Easily Distracted
                                                                  3. My Personal Journey
                                                                    1. I grew up from this experience
                                                                      1. I learnt how to work with people
                                                                        1. Realised that Like it or not I would have to work with people I don't now
                                                                          1. Learnt the importance of patience to avoid arguments
                                                                            1. How to accept different Opinions
                                                                              1. Getting Out of your comfort zone
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