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Year 10 RS work


year 10 RS for Edexcel GCSE
james hickup
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james hickup
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Year 10 RS work
  1. matters of life and death
    1. believing in God
      1. Belief and non-belief in god
        1. agnosticism
          1. not sure if god exists
            1. what happens when you die
            2. athesim
              1. believing God does not exist
                1. belif is just hoping
              2. Religious upbringing
                1. sunday shurch
                  1. festivals/cerimonies
                    1. christmass
                      1. baptism
                      2. sunday school
                        1. prayer
                          1. confimation
                            1. testimony
                          2. religious experience (1)
                            1. miracle
                              1. something that seems imposible but happens anyway
                              2. visions
                                1. if you see a religious vision
                              3. religious experience (2)
                                1. numinous experiences
                                  1. feeling the presence of god
                                  2. worship
                                    1. pray
                                      1. when prayes are answered
                                    2. conversion
                                      1. converting from one religion to another
                                    3. the design argument
                                      1. design is the result of intelligent thought
                                        1. the universe is so complicated it must have been designed
                                          1. the universe must have a intelligent designer
                                            1. this must be God
                                      2. the causation argument
                                        1. nothing can happen by itself
                                          1. everthing has a cause including the universe
                                            1. a very powerful cause was necessary for the universe
                                              1. this cause is God therefore, God exists
                                        2. scientific explanations of origins of the world
                                          1. the big bang
                                            1. evolution
                                              1. Charles darwain
                                              2. Natural selection
                                                1. creationasts
                                                  1. they believe everything in the bible
                                                    1. very funny to listen to and prove wrong
                                                  2. unanswered prayers
                                                    1. if prayers are unanswered it puts people in to disbelieve
                                                      1. some say that all prayers are answered just at different times
                                                      2. the problem of evil and suffering
                                                        1. suffering must exist
                                                          1. a world with out suffering causes suffering
                                                          2. moral evil
                                                            1. evil caused by humans
                                                            2. natural evil
                                                              1. suffering beyond peoples control
                                                              2. God is omni-benevolent, omnipotent and omniscient
                                                                1. therefore he wants to stop it, knows how and is able to
                                                                  1. there is still suffering in this world
                                                                    1. therefore God does not exist
                                                              3. Christian responses to evil and suffering
                                                                1. it is a test from God
                                                                  1. we have free will, this includes good and evil ways
                                                                    1. suffering happens for a reason
                                                                    2. the media and belief in god
                                                                      1. TV shows infuence our believes
                                                                        1. the news makes us think of just one side
                                                                          1. an example is islam we only see the bad thing
                                                                      2. marriage and family
                                                                        1. Religion and community
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