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Distortion - Photography GCSE Notes

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  1. People
    1. Face
      1. Remove
        1. Replace
        2. Print picture onto paper and re-photograph it
          1. Models Featured:
            1. Jason Simon
          2. In-camera effects
            1. Long Expsure
              1. Using cellophane wraps over camera lense
              2. Photoshop
                1. Polar Coordinates
                  1. Spot-healing tool
                    1. Content Aware Fill
                      1. Hue/Saturation
                        1. Blur
                          1. Motion
                            1. Gaussian
                              1. Radial
                            2. Minipulation
                              1. Composition of multiple images in photoshop
                                1. Or composition on a physical medium
                                2. Light
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