How much impact did Black Power have on the civil rights protest movement in the USA?

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How much impact did Black Power have on the civil rights protest movement in the USA?
  1. Promotion of Self Esteem
    1. Black Power Organisations
      1. SNCC
        1. Stokely Carmichael
          1. CORE
            1. Floyd McKissick
            2. Expel Whites
            3. Resasons for Decline
              1. Poor Organisation
                1. Lack of Money
                2. Provided a focus for the issues facing blacks in the inner cities
                  1. Non Black Power Organisations
                    1. NAACP
                    2. Negative Impacts
                      1. splintering of the Civil Rights Movement
                        1. "The Relative Unity of the Civil Rights Movement was broken by Black Power" Source: Civil Rights in the USA 1863-1980
                          1. Fundamental Differences emerged
                            1. Attiituds to White 'Allies'
                              1. Role of Non Violence
                              2. Radicalisation of SNCC and CORE
                                1. By 1966 disilusiond SNCC turned from John Lewis to Stokely Carmichael
                                  1. Black Panthers
                                    1. Huey Newton
                                      1. Violence brought opposition
                                        1. Carrying Guns
                                          1. Split with SNCC in July 1969 because of perosnality classhes and difference in multiracial working clsss struggle against opprssion
                                          2. 1966 SNCC Expelled Whites
                                            1. No Money 1970 just 3 chapters and no FT Employees. Dec 73 ceased to exist
                                            2. CORE - Dec 1965 James Farmer resigend and replced byLloydMc Kissick
                                              1. CORE excised word 'multi-racial' from its consitution. 1968 Whites excluded from membership
                                        2. Separatist Tradition 'did not develop out of nothing' Race Relations in the UBS 1863-1980. Gives preceding
                                          1. Nation of Islam
                                            1. Malcolm X
                                              1. Main Imact - Raising Black self esteem and widely mourned after his assasination
                                              2. 1930's to 1950s set up temples in northern ghettos
                                                1. 1959 MLK called a 'hate group' was reciprocated as Uncle tom
                                                  1. Attractiec and inspired ghetto dwellers because of its self confidence and emphasis on racial pride and encomoc self-help
                                                    1. Possibly helped to make King's demand more accptable to whites. 'I'm here to remind the white man of the alternative to Doctor King . Malcolm X 1964
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