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learning aspects


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sidi baya
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learning aspects
  1. schijf van vijf
    1. verwerking op inhoud
      1. Blootstelling aan INPUT
          1. Productief
            1. Receptief
            2. Verwerking op VORM
              1. Productie van OUTPUT
                1. chunks
                  1. monteren
                  2. regels
                    1. Toepassen
                2. pentapie
                  1. strategisch handelen
                    1. receptieve
                      1. preparation
                    2. exposure to input
                      1. processing content
                        1. understanding
                        2. processing form
                          1. vocabulary
                            1. chunks
                            2. output
                              1. chunks & vocabulary
                            3. infographic( myth of learning styles)
                              1. intelligence comes in different forms and levels
                                1. people have different interests
                                  1. Diverse backgrounds
                                    1. learning disabilities
                                    2. Bloom's taxonomy
                                      1. Grasp Meaning
                                        1. Use in a new concrete situation
                                          1. Break into parts~ see relationships Organise my information
                                            1. Invent new item, solve a problem based on learning, decide how to communicate
                                              1. Judge value and purpose.. support with relevant criteria
                                                1. Recall Learned Material.. Exploring
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