Local Culture, Popular Culture, and Cultural Landscapes

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Local Culture, Popular Culture, and Cultural Landscapes
1 Field Note: Preserving Culture
1.1 Parsi; an ethic and religious group, follow the Zoroastrian religion, they sought refuge in India
1.2 The Parsi make up a small percent of the population (0.00046%)
1.3 Despite their size, they were major players in India's economy
1.4 Their small size is threatening the extinction of the culture
1.5 Parsi have very low fertility rates, high birth rates and well educated women
1.6 Today they are struggling to maintain their culture and sense of community in the changing world
2 What are Local and Popular Cultures?
2.1 A group of people who share common beliefs can be recognized as a culture in 2 ways
2.1.1 1. the people can call themselves a culture
2.1.2 2. Other people can label them as a culture
2.2 Academics label culture groups as folk* or popluar*
2.2.1 Folk have homogeneous pops. In rural areas
2.2.2 Popular have heterogeneous pops. In urban areas
2.3 Folk culture is a limiting concept, it requires a list of characteristics
2.4 Local culture* instead of "folk culture"
2.5 The material* and nonmaterial* culture of a group reflects their beliefs and values
2.6 Pop. Culture can change in a matter of days or hours
2.6.1 Diffusion; transport., marketing, + com. networks
2.6.2 Hierarchical
3 How are Local Cultures Sustained?
3.1 Rural Local Cultures
3.1.1 Easier to maintain because of isolation
3.1.2 Anabaptist groups: Hutterites, Amish, and Mennonites
3.1.3 In the 90's the Makah American Indians reinstated their whale hunt, causing an uproar
3.2 Urban Local Cultures
3.2.1 create ethnic neighborhoods*
3.2.2 i.e. NYC
3.3 Local Cultures and Cultural Appropriation
3.3.1 commodification* is affecting local cultures
3.3.2 The question of authenticity* follows commodification
3.4 Authenticity of Places
3.4.1 i.e. Branson, MI, the Irish Pub Co.
3.4.2 Freezes customs in place and time for consumption, while claiming authenticity
3.5 In 2008 Canada and Australia apologized to their indigenous populations for assimilation*
3.6 Sustained by customs and traditions
3.7 Strive to avoid cultural appropriation*
4 How is Popular Culture Diffused?
4.1 Hearths of Pop. Culture
4.1.1 All aspects of pop. Culture have a hearth
4.1.2 1. Contagious diffusion 2. Hierarchial
4.1.3 Local cultures will use reterritorialization* to make the aspect their own i.e. hip hop
4.2 Replacing Old Hearths w/ New
4.2.1 Major League Sports to extreme sports skate/snow boarding, ultimate fighting
4.2.2 new=socially desirable
4.3 Stemming the Tide of Pop. Culture-Losing the Local?
4.3.1 for some local cultures pop. culture can feel like assimilation
4.3.2 NoAm, WeEu, Ja, In, + SoKo all act as major hearths of pop. culture
4.4 During the 20th century the spatial extent of diffusion has expanded
4.5 New tech. has altered distance decay*
4.6 David Harvey used time-space compression* to explain modern diffusion
5 How can Local and Popular Cultures be seen in the Cultural Landscape?
5.1 Cultural Landscapes of Local Cultures
5.1.1 mormons
5.2 the tension between pop. and local culture can be seen in the cultural landscape*
5.3 placelessness* is used to describe the loss of uniqueness to a place
5.4 cultural landscapes can begin to blend together
5.4.1 skyscrapers
5.4.2 global businesses
5.4.3 3rd dimension
5.5 global-local continuum*
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