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  1. My name is Théo
    1. I was born on the 27 August
      1. I am 12 years old
      2. I am only child
        1. I like Maître Gims's music
          1. My favorite hobbie is playing games
            1. I play football twice at week
              1. I like playing football
                1. I don't like doing one's homework
                  1. I like pizza
                    1. I like playing games
                      1. I like mathematics
                        1. No, i have travel in other countries with my parents
                          1. The classes start at 8,25 am and end at 4 pm or 5 pm
                            1. There are 27 students
                              1. My school name is Jean Lacaze
                            2. I have been learning English since 4 years
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