Local Culture, Popular Culture, and Natural Landscapes

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Local Culture, Popular Culture, and Natural Landscapes
  1. Field Note: Preserving Culture
    1. Parsi religion has a strong community that has a strong business, Tata.
      1. Parsi men and women are highly educated, so less kids having kids later and lots of parsi men and women have migrated to the U.S. and Europe Parsi numbers are declining, because of their tight knit society they are losing many
    2. What are Local and Popular Cultures?
      1. People can be recognizedas 1- the people call themselves a culture or 2- other people can label a cerain group of people as culture
        1. Culture is easily spread now with our technology
        2. Folk Culture is more of a rule set concept, Popular Culture is more accepting of many views.
          1. Some cultures are more open and accepting to new ideas and people others are not
        3. How are Local Cultures Sustained?
          1. Governments are starting to apologize to minorities of cultures to how they were forced to change their culture
            1. Generally local cultures have 2 goals, keeping other cultures out and keeping their own culture in
              1. Rural Local Cultures
                1. It is easier to keep your beliefs
                  1. It is a more old fashioned way of life
                  2. Makah Indians fought their way to court to get permission to hunt whales like their ansestors
                  3. There are communities that keep their ethnicity and continue the old practices of their ancestors did
                    1. People try very hard to imitate the authenticity of a culture to draw in the people who want to experience that way of life.
                    2. How is Popular Culture Diffused?
                      1. Although in China most social media is banned they made their own websites that were almost the same as the original apps.
                        1. It is pretty easy to find a hearth where the new "fads" come from and from there it diffuses
                          1. Another factor is that these new "fads" have to make it enough to make it to the least influential person to buy or get ahold of
                            1. The main three popular sports, basketball, baseball and football are now not the most wanted sports that kids want to play.. With new ideas coming in there are more options for those less skilled in maybe those areas.
                              1. People are still raising their voice to keep traditions
                              2. The original hearths of a popular product can easily lose its actual origin because it may be more used in different countries/places than the place it was created.
                            2. How can Local and Popular Cultures be seen in the Cultural Landscape.
                              1. How people have changed/imprinted the environment
                                1. Sometimes the landscapes with cultural and local ideas meld into one making it hard to distinguish the differences of them both.
                                  1. Local and popular culture is spread around the world too, again hard to find the hearth
                                  2. When you travel you not only see the tourist shops and stuff but also the actual landscape that makes the place what it is
                                    1. Although a culture will be practiced over the whole country it will be a little different when you go to different styles of life
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