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Changes in population


These are changes in Communities, it can change its size and ca limit its grouth
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Changes in population
  1. There are things that can change a Population in size
    1. Births and Deaths
      1. The birth and death rate are the quantity if births and deaths that occured in a certain time. It affects in the change of size because every time that therese a birth the population size grows and every time that therese a death the population size decreases.
      2. Immigration and Migration
        1. The Immigration is when an animal goes out of a place or population and Migration is when an animal enters to a place or population. It affects because if therese Immigration therese more animals and when therse Migration therse less animmals
        2. There are also changes that can affect a population grouth
          1. Space
            1. Space can affect because if therse no so much space animals have to go live to another place
            2. climate
              1. Depending of the animal hot or cold climate can kill an animal so thats how it can limit populations grouth
              2. Food and Water
                1. When therse no enough food or water animals can die and the population can decreasse.
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