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The blood
Anano Ridlington
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Anano Ridlington
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  1. Blood vessel ruptures
    1. 1).Vascular spasm
      1. The smooth muscle layer constricts
    2. 2).Platelet plug formation
      1. Platelets attach to exposed collagen fibres
        1. Release substances that promotes platelet aggregation
      2. Coagulation
        1. The intrinsic mechanism
          1. Initiated by contact with exposed the exposed collagen
            1. Activated simultaneously
              1. Prothrombin activator is formed
                1. Converted into thrombin
                  1. Forms long threads of fibrin
                    1. Surrounds the platelets and creates the framework
                      1. RBC become trapped in the framework
                        1. Platelets contract and clot retracts
                          1. Blood vessel repairs
                            1. Plasmin destroys fibrin network
                              1. Fluidity of the plasma is restored
          2. The extrinsic mechanism
            1. Damaged tissue releases tissue thromboplastin and activates this mechanism
              1. Both mechanisms are activated simultaneously
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