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resolution of department problems to show my ability


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resolution of department problems to show my ability
  1. listen to employees about what makes them unhappy
    1. write the list of concerns down
      1. brainstorm solutions
        1. how to carry out the changes
          1. how to implement the change
    2. brainstorm what makes me unhappy about the department
      1. list problems
        1. brainstorm solutions
          1. find ways to improve
            1. carry out change in ways that you are able
      2. research how to motivate employees
        1. speak with management
          1. ask how you can help
            1. show concern
              1. volunteer
              2. get a feel where management is and their plan
                1. see if they want help
                2. bring up proposed changes in meeting
                  1. lead by example
                    1. show concern
                      1. work hard
                        1. find solutions
                          1. be positive
                            1. show integrity
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