Self Study Project

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self study project

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Self Study Project
  1. Knowledge of Content
    1. How can the teacher incorporate all of the standards in lesson plans?
      1. Standards should be integrated into material and text
        1. Know what the standards are and ensure that they are connected to the objectives you set for students
          1. Common Core Standards
            1. ALCOS
              1. Formative assessments
                1. Strategies teachers use to evaluate students
                  1. Observation
                    1. Running Records
                      1. Concepts about print
                        1. Observation survey
                    2. Summative assessments
                    3. Ensure that the standards are focused on what kind of learning the students get from the lesson plans
                    4. How can you ensure that the child is learning?
                      1. Assessment
                        1. Running Records
                          1. Tests and quizzes
                            1. Observation Survey
                              1. Concepts about print
                              2. Students are interested and engaged in material
                                1. Conference with students
                                  1. Meet with parents and students to discuss progress, set backs, concerns, etc
                              3. Knowledge of Teaching and Learning
                                1. How can I encourage and motivate students to learn?
                                  1. Child Centered Activities
                                    1. Give children some control
                                      1. Students pick their activities
                                        1. Projects and lessons influenced by their interests
                                          1. Include all strategies of learning in lessons
                                          2. Nurturing Environment
                                            1. Centers that interest all students
                                              1. Model positive social relationships
                                                1. Use problem solving skills with students
                                                2. Encourage social interactions
                                                  1. Conference with the students
                                                    1. Find students needs and struggles
                                                      1. Conference with students individually
                                                        1. Ask about interests
                                                          1. Ask how they are feeling about reading levels and books they are reading
                                                          2. Get to know the students
                                                            1. Close relationships with each child
                                                              1. Know how each child learns
                                                                1. Strengths and weaknesses of each child
                                                            2. Knowledge of Diversity
                                                              1. How can the students and the teacher learn about the cultures in the world and the cultures of each student?
                                                                1. Weekly culture presentations
                                                                  1. Speakers
                                                                    1. Bring in people from community to talk about their culture and have them bring in artifacts, pictures, etc for the kids to see
                                                                    2. Bring in food from different cultures
                                                                      1. Have students research and present about cultures
                                                                        1. Have students talk about and their own culture and family
                                                                        2. Books with various cultures
                                                                          1. Students can see themselves as characters in the books
                                                                          2. Write about their culture or cultures they are interested in
                                                                            1. Diary or journal
                                                                              1. Draw, paint, color
                                                                                1. Make a book where each child can research and provide information about their background and culture
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