Self Study Project

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Self Study Project

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Self Study Project
1 Knowledge of Teaching & Learning
1.1 Question 1: How can I create a positive classroom community?
1.1.1 Give children some control Child directed lessons Let children pick their own books Let children pick play station
1.1.2 Make each child feel important Give children a chance to be a leader, or in charge of something Allow sharing time Know what the children are interested in
1.2 Question 2: How do I deal with different levels in my classroom?
1.2.1 Assess the children to know where they are and how to help them Running Records CAP Know strengths and weaknesses Track their progress
1.2.2 Don't assume all children are on the level. Accommodate. Make sure the child's work is appropriate to their level Pick book specifically to accommodate their needs While staying on track with the core curriculum Allow children to move to higher levels, even if they are ahead of the class. You don't want to hold them back Allow them to help others that struggle
2 Knowledge of Content
2.1 Question 1: How do I combine the state curriculum with what a child already knows, or may be missing?
2.1.1 Make Lesson Plans Create objectives that relate to the standards Make appropriate to each child and what they are leaning Formative Assessment Wide variety of methods that teachers use to evaluate students Observations CAP Running Records
2.1.2 Look at the state curriculum website
2.1.3 Take small details of standards and elaborate on them if needed
2.2 Question 2: How do I know my students are understanding what is being taught?
2.2.1 Projects and Assignments Done in groups, so students that are ahead can help those that are struggling Graded or reviewed by teacher
2.2.2 They ask questions Elaborating on their knowledge Showing they are trying to understand
2.2.3 They help their classmates Peer evaluation and help Group projects
2.2.4 Feedback Students Parents Supervisors
3 Knowledge of Diversity
3.1 Question 1: What do I need to know about a child's culture in order to help them succeed in the classroom?
3.1.1 Know their culture and dialect Assess their Visual, Meaning, and Structure cues based on what you know is considered normal in their culture and dialect Assess how they speak Know what comes from their culture, and what they may be missing
3.1.2 Help accommodate each child's needs as best you can Language Barriers Lack of tools at home Children feeling different
3.1.3 Know what goes on outside of school Engage with parents Be sensitive to the child's needs based on what you know happens outside of school
3.2 Question 2: How can I lean about where my students come from?
3.2.1 Let children express their culture in the classroom Artwork Presentations
3.2.2 Have children write about it Journal Assess
3.2.3 Incorporate cultures into the lesson Books about different cultures Classroom Displays Projects Research
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