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Self Study Project


Self study project for CTRD 3000
Mind Map by brooke.nicholson, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by brooke.nicholson over 6 years ago

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Self Study Project
  1. Knowledge of Teaching and Learning
    1. How do I praise what's deserved?
      1. Praising the partially correct
        1. "You put the 'c' and the 'r' in the word 'car.' What sound do you hear in the middle?
        2. Not saying "Good job"
          1. Saying "Are you proud with your work?" to encourage the child to build agency
        3. Visual
        4. Knowledge of Content
          1. Thought bubble
            1. How do I focus on individual needs in a class of 30? (ESL, gifted, struggling)
              1. Knowing each child's level and need
                1. Assessments
                  1. Running records
                    1. Observation Survey
                    2. Observing the children
                      1. Taking anecdotal notes
                    3. Small group time
                      1. Learning centers
                        1. Small group of various levels reading with teacher support
                        2. Reading one-on-one with the child
                          1. Intentional modeling, prompting, and reinforcement.
                          2. Listening to the child
                            1. Their frustration/ complaints
                              1. Bad behavior
                                1. May need more one-on-one
                                2. Being attentitive
                                  1. Taking observations
                                    1. May reveal trends/ bigger problems
                              2. Knowledge of Diversity
                                1. How do I learn cultural backgrounds?
                                  1. Have students tell about their families and backgrounds
                                    1. Write in a journal
                                      1. Da'Moni wrote about his mom and his sister. I would deduce that family is important.
                                      2. Show and tell
                                        1. Draw a picture
                                          1. Invite parents as a guest speaker
                                          2. Book center
                                            1. Children with different family structures
                                              1. Children from different countries
                                                1. About different places
                                                  1. About traditions
                                                  2. Culture presentations
                                                    1. Watch age-appropriate videos about a culture
                                                      1. Learn about different holidays cultures celebrate
                                                        1. Try various cultures food
                                                    2. Visual
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