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Self-Study Project


my self study project for CTRD3000 at Auburn University
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Self-Study Project
  1. Knowledge of Diversity
    1. How do I keep my classroom instruction diversified in relation to the culture of the students?
      1. ask parents
        1. bring in food
          1. traditions
            1. religion
              1. holiday celebration
              2. guest speakers
                1. experts
                  1. community leaders
                  2. listen to music
                    1. from around the globe
                    2. learn some basic language
                      1. students can learn a few words
                      2. books, pictures
                        1. to see differences in looks, clothes, materials
                        2. have a culture party
                      3. Knowledge of Content
                        1. What are some new, innovative strategies/activities that adhere to state standards?
                          1. projects
                            1. weeks long investigative projects
                              1. leaves changing
                            2. music
                              1. songs about reading
                                1. math songs
                                2. interactive activity/learning tables
                                  1. water/sand
                                    1. paint
                                      1. rocks, leaves, bark, twigs
                                        1. writing
                                    2. Knowledge of Teaching & Learning
                                      1. What is the best strategy for staying focused on each child’s individual needs when creating an environment that will optimize each individual’s growth?
                                        1. small groups
                                          1. more one on one
                                            1. more detailed and specific answers to questions
                                            2. assessment easier with less students
                                              1. observations
                                                1. assessment
                                                  1. skills
                                                    1. knowledge
                                                      1. non-standardized
                                                        1. environment rating
                                                        2. documentation
                                                          1. behavior
                                                            1. language
                                                              1. interests/dislikes
                                                            2. provide varying levels and interests of materials/activities
                                                              1. ensure that all students can be challenged
                                                                1. ensure that every student can explore and share their interests
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