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Being an intentional teacher


Self study project
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Being an intentional teacher
  1. Knowledge of Content
    1. How do teachers meet the individual needs of students within a large classroom?
      1. The teacher has to understand the student
        1. student's language
          1. English language learners
          2. student's rate of learning/amount of instructional time
            1. Reading level
              1. small groups
              2. slow or fast learner
                1. provide more time if students need it
                2. student's prior knowledge
                  1. hearing sounds in words
                    1. Letter ID
                      1. Concepts about Print
                        1. student's vocabulary
                          1. knowledge about language
                          2. student's strengths
                            1. good at math
                            2. cultural background
                              1. home environment
                              2. students weaknesses
                                1. not a fluent reader
                            3. Knowledge of Diversity
                              1. How do I inlcude diversity in my classroom?
                                1. lesson plan about different races
                                  1. children paint pictures of themselves
                                    1. write how they are different from their classmatees
                                    2. Culture party
                                      1. Bring in food from different cultures
                                        1. Invite multicultural people to come to talk the students
                                        2. Books
                                          1. Children of different races
                                            1. Include children's parents
                                              1. `traditions
                                                1. pictures
                                                  1. religion
                                                  2. music
                                                    1. from around the world
                                                      1. instruments
                                                      2. Dramatic play clothing
                                                    2. Knowledge of teaching and learning
                                                      1. How do I encourage child directed reading?
                                                        1. Let the child pick their book
                                                          1. Bring books from home
                                                          2. child reads story to teacher
                                                            1. This makes the child feel special
                                                            2. read the story to child
                                                              1. introduce new vocabulary to student
                                                                1. Ask the child questions about the story
                                                                2. keep a list of how many books the child has read
                                                                  1. The child can write down the books they read with parents help
                                                                    1. The student learns to be responsible
                                                                    2. Set a time for reading
                                                                      1. Chiildren read together
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