Being an Intentional Teacher

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This mind map was created for a Self-Study Project for my reading class

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Being an Intentional Teacher
  1. Knowledge of Content
    1. How do I assess each student's prior knowledge content?
      1. Running Records/OS
        1. Look at their Journals to assess writing
          1. Testing
        2. Knowledge of Teaching and Learning
          1. How do I make sure that each student is comfortable in the learning environment that I have in my classroom?
            1. Have class rules that create an accepting and encouraging learning environment
              1. Have students read to a partner
                1. Creates more confident readers
                  1. Student's can help each other with difficult words
                2. Knowledge of Diversity
                  1. How do I incorporate my student's ethnic backgrounds into my lesson plans?
                    1. Create a Lesson Plan about different cultural ethnicities
                      1. Students write in their Journals about their ethnic backgrounds
                        1. Have a day to invite parents to come and bring a food item that relates to their culture
                            1. Have a guest read a cultural book to the students as a group
                              1. Put different cultural books on the book shelf for children to read
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