Early Childhood Education services map

Kate Ashbey
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Kate Ashbey
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I created this to show you how child care services are delivered in California, along with what ages are served, whether there is a fee for parents, and which agencies regulate them.

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Early Childhood Education services map
1 Child Care Centers
1.1 Public
1.1.1 State Preschool
1.1.2 Head Start
1.1.3 General Child Care
1.1.4 Governed by Title 5 and Title 22
1.1.5 free or low cost for eligible families
1.1.6 ages 6 weeks to 6 years
1.2 Private
1.2.1 Churches
1.2.2 Day Care Centers
1.2.3 Parent Co-ops
1.2.4 Preschools
1.2.5 Regulated by Title 22
1.2.6 cost for services
1.2.7 ages 6 weeks to 13 years
2 Family Child Care Homes
2.1 Small 6-8 children
2.2 Large 12-14 children
2.3 Regulated by Title 22
2.4 ages 6 weeks to 13 years
2.5 private business
2.6 cost for services
3 Friends, Family, Neighbors
3.1 Informal care
3.2 Not regulated or protected
3.3 All ages
3.4 free or inexpensive
4 Title 22: CA Dept of Social Services
4.1 protects health and safety of children
5 Title 5: CA Dept of Education
5.1 oversees educational programs
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