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Becoming a Knowledgeable Educator


Self study project relating to knowledge of content, teaching, and diversity
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Becoming a Knowledgeable Educator
  1. Knowledge of Content
    1. How do you relate what reading level a child is at currently to a state standard?
      1. By giving assessments like the OS and monitoring their progress
        1. An Observation Survey of Early Literacy Achievement
          1. Letter Identification
            1. word reading test
              1. CAP
                1. Writing vocabulary
                  1. Hearing sounds in words
                    1. Running record of text reading
                  2. Through activities designed to correspond to a standard
                    1. What are some activities that teach reading?
                      1. tongue ticklers
                        1. round-robin reading
                          1. phonics
                            1. silent reading
                              1. reading groups
                            2. standard is the broad topic; the objective is what is being focused on
                          2. Knowledge of Teaching and Learning
                            1. What are some instructional strategies that I can integrate in my lesson plans?
                              1. Voice to print matching
                                1. 1-2-1 matching
                                  1. relates to CAP
                                  2. concepts about print
                                    1. reading from left to right
                                      1. reading from top to bottom
                                        1. letters and words convey a message
                                          1. "return sweep"
                                            1. illustrations in book correspond to print
                                              1. every book has a front back and an author
                                              2. rereading
                                                1. concept of word
                                                  1. automatic knowledge of letter sounds
                                                    1. ability to isolate beginning letter sounds
                                                      1. ability to remember sounds that were previously viewed in text
                                                        1. use of 1-2-1 matching
                                                        2. rhyme
                                                          1. letter identification
                                                            1. recognizing upper and lower case letters
                                                            2. searching (M, S, V)
                                                              1. cueing systems
                                                                1. makes sense, sounds right, looks right
                                                                2. crosschecking
                                                                  1. examining a pronunciation to make sure it makes sense in context; if not, the reader searches for a sound alike word that fits
                                                                  2. self correcting
                                                                    1. expression
                                                                      1. phrasing
                                                                        1. rate
                                                                          1. lesson plans need to follow common core standards
                                                                            1. must know which standards apply to your students
                                                                              1. need to know what where students are at
                                                                                1. discover the student's personal and prior knowledge
                                                                                  1. assessments
                                                                          2. Knowledge of Diversity
                                                                            1. How do I create lesson plans that show sensitivity to diverse populations and responds appropriately to cultural, ethnic, and social differences?
                                                                              1. selecting texts that include diversity
                                                                                1. book introductions that build on prior knowledge
                                                                                2. get a sense of the child's prior knowledge
                                                                                  1. interests
                                                                                    1. background
                                                                                      1. life experiences
                                                                                      2. Personal knowledge and skill with oral language structures
                                                                                        1. Personal knowledge of the printed code
                                                                                          1. Preparing children for hearing and using unusual vocabulary, language, and text structures in books
                                                                                            1. Prompting children to generate strategic activities for problem solving on their own
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