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Self Study project for CTRD 3013 ECE

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Self Study
1 Knowledge of Content
1.1 How do you apply instructional accommodations, modifications, and adaptations to meet the needs of each individual learner to whole group time/ lessons?
1.1.1 Rephrase/ simplify tricky wording or instruction "'Sum' just means what this number and this number put together is" -- could be frontloading
1.1.2 Defining words that students may not know yet, or words that sound the same/ are spelled the same but that have different meanings. Bug - an insect, or tiny animal, like crickets; annoy -- could make a chart for tricky words
1.1.3 Frontloading Activating the child's background knowledge and relating it to the lesson Predicting what a story might be about before reading
2 Knowledge of Teaching and Learning
2.1 How do you engage EVERY student? (Most students) What about the students that are more challenging to engage?
2.1.1 Keep lesson interactive Sharing pen/ dry erase marker when writing in front of class Not fully teacher directed, but encouraging children to write the story. Asking questions -- could relate to chart Maintaining conversational environment Allowing children to share thoughts/ opinions -- connected to journal entries.
2.1.2 After-lesson activities Small group projects Manipulatives, poster boards, games -- could also be a chart Charts KWL charts, questioning chart Journals Journal writing about the lesson Math journals - problem solving word problems
3 Knowledge of Diversity
3.1 How can I best accelerate language acquisition for an ELL without rushing the student?
3.1.1 Repeating what they say back to them, with grammar/ syntax corrections "Me and my mom goed yesterday to store." "Oh, you and your mom went to the store yesterday? What did you buy?" -- rephrasing to modify for child's needs
3.1.2 Practicing known sight words before a lesson and introducing new sight word after lesson
3.1.3 Frontloading
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