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trabajo de recursos empresariales

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  1. Core business functions and enterprise transaction processing:
    1. Basic enterprise functions—payments, Billing, tracking receipts, deliverables and Payables—are best handled in industrial class Databases built to interface with All core enterprise applications.
    2. Analytics and business intelligence:
      1. The choice of database environment depends on the type of work being performed. Much of the unstructured data that comprises many analytics applications often reside within big data file systems, such as Hadoop
      2. IT operational data (logs, systems monitoring)
        1. IT professionals need databases they can quickly spin up while they are in the midst of writing, testing or deploying code. For these purposes, they do not want to function as accidental DBAs—they need lightweight, quickly displayable databases.
        2. Special projects:
          1. Many projects taking place around enterprises are typically led by non technical business managers and professionals, and thus need to be as simple and intuitive to use as possible.
          2. Security and compliance:
            1. For the management and storage of security data, such as passwords, encryption keys and user privilege information, enterprise administrators and developers need rocksolid secure databases.
            2. Real-time or sub-second processing and response requirements:
              1. For low latency requirements, such as sensitive financial applications, enterprises are turning to in-memory databases, in which data is sent to random access memory spaces of PCs or servers.
              2. Unstructured data analytics:
                1. One of the hallmarks of big data is the amount of unstructured, user- and machine- generated information now being generated
                2. Developer resources (configuration information)
                  1. As with IT operational data, IT professionals need databases they can quickly call up and deploy
                  2. Web applications:
                    1. Web applications generate a lot of session information, and for this purpose, NoSQL key-value databases may be the best bet, since they are simple and fast, operating close to internet time and quickly handling spikes in usage.
                    2. Ecommerce applications:
                      1. As is the case mentioned above for web applications, NoSQL key-value store databases, in conjunction with back-end relational databases for payment transaction processing, are an effective combination
                      2. Testing and pilot projects:
                        1. As with IT operational data, IT professionals need databases they can quickly call up and deploy.
                        2. Peripheral/branch office support:
                          1. Branch offices typically require smallfootprint databases that synch up with a central data environment, or, conversely, access via the network to a central database
                          2. Embedded devices and applications:
                            1. Remote devices—such as kiosks, sensors, or point of sale terminals—require databases that can run remotely, require little maintenance, are highly secure, and are untethered to a central data environment.
                            2. Mobile applications:
                              1. This is the great frontier of data, as more and more local client-side computing is now occurring through smartphones and tablets.
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