ESSAY 6 ANATOL GROSSE: Study of penguin social behaviour

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ESSAY 6 ANATOL GROSSE: Study of penguin social behaviour
  1. “In knowledge there is always a trade-off between accuracy and simplicity.” Evaluate this statement
    1. Accuracy
      1. Getting closer to Correspondant truth?
        1. How close it matches
        2. Simplicity
          1. Understandable (to most possible)
            1. Effortless
              1. Briefness
              2. For something to be accurate it has to be complicated
                1. Can accuracy never be simple?
                  1. ALWAYS
                      1. KC
                        1. Can something simple be accurate?
                          1. Axioms?
                            1. Can they be made simpler in exchange for accuracy
                          2. Simplicity but in what part of the process?
                            1. Simplicity in the communication of the answer
                              1. Simplicity in the investigation process in making the claim
                                1. Simplicity in science can come from ignoring a few factors in the experiment in science?
                              2. Natural sciences: TO the cell theory it can be explained in simple terms for a person not taking science to understand but this explanation will lack accuracy as many concepts are left out.
                                1. All living organisms are composed of one or more cells. The cell is the basic unit of structure and organization in organisms. Cells come from preexisting cells.
                                  1. Looking at the science behind mitosis for example reduces the simplicity but gives a more accurate understanding of what is happening
                                  2. Can oversimplifying things make them less understandable??
                                    1. Simplicity varies between individual
                                      1. The title could be rephrased as there is a negative correlation between accuracy and simplicity in knowledge.
                                        1. Or as the accuracy of knowledge decreases the simplicity increases and the other way around
                                          1. Simpler as it is more understandable for most
                                          2. Simpler in terms the is shorter, less ambigious and easy to understand for people with that level of understanding
                                          3. Which one is then the most accurate? No matter which one it is this would disprove the claim in the title, assuming both can be seen as simple
                                            1. The "Simple" in the title has to be defined for the claim to be worth considertion as an appliccable concept
                                              1. Simple as easy to understand for individuals with limited knowledge in that AOK
                                          4. + simplicity = - Accuracy?
                                            1. -simplicity = + accuracy?
                                              1. +Accuracy = -Simplicity?
                                              2. -Accuracy = +Simplicity?
                                              3. KQ: Can simplicity and accuracy and knowledge coexist?
                                                1. KQ2: Do we choose between choose between accuracy and simplicity?
                                                  1. KQ3: Simplicity or accuracy, which one is more useful in establishing models of reality?
                                                    1. This on
                                                      1. Concepts as lenses
                                                        1. looking at how simplicity gives depth but not bredth
                                                          1. Look at 2 aok
                                                          2. Religion painting and other interpretations
                                                  2. Pyramids about the more specific something is the less people understand
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