you want some? i give it to ya

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you want some? i give it to ya
  1. The knower’s perspective is essential in the pursuit of knowledge
    1. Different Perspective
      1. For the same WOK and the same AOK
        1. Natural Scienctist
          1. Artist
            1. KQ : What role does perspective play in gaining knowledge in the AOK of Math compared to the arts?
            2. Define Key words!
              1. Perspective
                1. Knowledge
                2. RLS: Find one
                  1. Structure of the Essay
                    1. Introduction
                      1. KQ:
                        1. Thesis statement
                          1. Forecast what your body will have
                          2. Body 1,2,3
                            1. C1 and CC1
                              1. Point - Explain - Example. In CC link to KQ
                            2. Implications and significance
                              1. Sum up the argument
                              2. “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” Abraham Lincoln
                                1. To me this implies that 1 piece of knowledge has two variations in two perspectives. So in this quote where Mr Lincoln stated that how two people/perspectives looking at the same thing. One perspective being
                                2. Development 1 (Math)
                                  1. Claim 1
                                    1. Math is the study of numbers to understand the natural world. - Math is solely based on axioms and postulates which does not change due to perspective. 2+2 will always equal 4, no matter the knowers perspective, may it be a old rich man or a young homeless man. Math is taught differently across the world but the math it self does not change when receiving the knowledge.
                                    2. Counter Claim 1:
                                      1. The knowledge in Math cannot differ due of the knower's perspective, but what it can create a barrier the people who know extensive math to the community who know basic math. For example, the old and educated man will have a more deeper understanding of the area ok knowledge compared to the homeless man. The homeless man might want to learn integration and differentiation, he will need to be taught in a way that he understands for example the language that is understood by the homeless man. One cannot use posh language when explaining something to the homeless man.
                                    3. Development 2 (Art)
                                      1. Art is more based on perspective in gaining knowledge compared to math
                                        1. CC: Some art is equally viewed by the majority even though they have different perspectives.
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